Mollejas de pollo (Spanish Style Chicken Sweetbreads)

Pairing chicken with a sweet bread? What is this travesty, you may be thinking? Calm down people, all is not what it seems. Sweetbreads are not sweet and they are not even a type of bread either! I have no idea why they are named like this in English (oh great, now I’m googling etymologies…) but they are actually a type of offal. Yes, offal, those things that have gone out of fashion and lots of people nowadays are rather sickened by the whole ordeal.

Sweetbreads are a bit of a mystery as the name can refer to different parts of an animal and in other countries they may be known under different names (even within the English-Speaking World). Sometimes, sweetbreads can refer to the thymus (part of the throat) and others to the pancreas, parotid gland or sublingual glands. Hmmm, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I had to point out most of those on a diagram except for, maybe, the pancreas. The next confusion is that it depends on which animal these parts come from; the most popular sweetbreads are from calves (veal) and lambs but can also be from pigs, cows, ducks and chickens.

Sweetbreads, when cooked in this method come out rather tough but that’s normal and that’s the way my mum has always cooked and eaten them. I guess, like most offal, it’s an acquired taste. There is an alternative recipe where you can boil them for 30 minutes and then fry but for a quick tapa I prefer to just to flash fry them. They can also be stewed but again that also takes more time and defeats the purpose of a quick bite to eat.

Give them a try; they are dirt cheap (at least in Spain), quick to cook and it makes a nice change from the usual suspects.


165g Chicken sweetbreads

1 Tbsp. ajo perejil marinade

1/2 small lemon, juiced

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste


1 Cut the sweetbreads in half and marinade with the ajo y perejil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.dsc01075_fotor_collageHeat oil in a frying pan and sautée the sweetbreads until they are golden brown on each side.dsc01087_fotor_collageOptional: when serving, spoon over some extra ajo y perejil marinade and a squeeze of lemon juice.dsc01093_fotor


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