Papas Arrugadas con Mojo (Canarian Wrinkled Potatoes with Mojo Picon Sauce)

These small wrinkled potatoes, characteristic of the Canary Islands, were traditionally made with seawater but nowadays most people add coarse sea salt to the water when boiling. The amount of salt used may seem like I’ve lost my mind but trust me it is completely normal and the the resulting potato will not be overly salty.

They are normally made with a variety of potato called Papa Bonita but as it is next to impossible to find them even on mainland Spain you can substitute for any kind of new potato, just bear in mind that they should be small.

This is my bulk recipe but you can scale it down to how every many potatoes you want.


1kg whole small potatoes, washed

250g coarse sea salt

1 slice of lemon

Mojo Picon sauce


1 Add potatoes, salt and lemon in a pan and cover with water. Bring to boil and simmer for 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are boiled.
2 Strain and return to the same pot. Return the pot to the flame and shake the pan backwards and forwards. By this process the potatoes should start to become wrinkled and you should see a layer of salt form on the potato skins. When they have wrinkled to your satisfaction, take them off the heat and slather with Mojo Picon sauce.
Tip: If the potatoes do not wrinkle (especially if you are not using potatoes that are not of the papa bonita variety) it could be because there are too many potatoes in the pan. To solve this issue, make sure that there is enough of a surface area in the pan so that all potatoes can touch the bottom of the pan.


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