Peanut Butter Praline Vegan “Ice-cream”

The easiest and fastest way to make ice-cream. This could actually be rather dangerous…

I never thought I would ever enjoy something vegan but on this occasion I am obliged to put my hands up and admit that I was wrong to judge. You would never guess that the base of this “creamy” ice-cream has absolutely no dairy in it! The trick to this ice-cream is frozen bananas + blender. I am afraid that it would be next to impossible to make this without a blender or food processor unless you are really strong and you can pound the bananas with your fists…

This is great way to use up overripe bananas; this takes full advantage of the saying: “Waste not, want not”. I always have a bag of overripe bananas and other fruits in the freezer to make into icecreams, smoothies or cakes. The darker the banana, the sweeter the end result will be and therefore you won’t need to add any other kind of sweetener.

The consistency of this ice-cream is akin to soft-serve but if frozen it also transform into traditional frozen ice-cream. Personally, I prefer to eat it fresh as even with “normal” ice-cream I mix it around and wait for it to melt slightly anyways…

The base of this “ice-cream” is solely frozen bananas so you can add what ever flavourings you like. Let your creativity go but to get you started here are a few of mine: tahini + cinnamon; chocolate + stem ginger; coffee + chocolate; baileys + cinnamon. You could also add texture with crushed biscuits or crushed nuts.


1-2 overripe bananas, frozen (see tips and techniques)

2 Tbsp. homemade peanut butter (or storebought)

2 drops praliné aroma


1 Place bananas in a food processor or blender and blitz until smooth and creamy. At first it may seem that it will never turn into ice-cream but have a bit of patience; it will finally get there!
2 Add peanut butter and praline aroma and blitz one more time to incorporate everything fully.
Note: You can freeze the ice-cream in an airtight container; it won’t have the same consistency as freshly made but it is still good.


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