Chinese Five Spice Mix

I use this Chinese Spice Mix when making Chinese and Asian-inspired food but you don’t need to limit it to just that. You can also use it just like any other spice mix and use it to marinate meat and fish etc.


5 tsp. Sichuan pepper (Huajiao)

5 tsp. star anise

6 tsp. fennel seeds

2½ tsp. cloves

2½ tsp. cassia (Rougui)


Sichuan pepper > black pepper

Cassia > cinnamon.


You can either buy spices in powder form or if you prefer you can freshly grind them yourself.

1 Mix together the spices and combine well.

2 Store in an airtight container and store along with your other spices.

Chinese 5 Spice


5 thoughts on “Chinese Five Spice Mix

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